The next meeting is scheduled for October 23, 2021 at Lowe Warner Park just down the street from MCC.  Lunch will be provided and we will do an iron in the hat drawing after lunch.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!  

 Don't forget that 2022 dues are due in October so come eat lunch and take care of them on the 23rd.

For Directions to:

1011 Page Street, Troy, NC 27371   For a map to MCC click Here 

All meetings begin at 9:00 AM. The day typically includes a variety of workshops, and Iron in the Hat.


We will have a big box of stabilized wood for members to purchase.  These blocks were part of a donation given to the Guild so all proceeds raised will go to the Guild.  We are hoping to increase our scholarship fund with MCC and offer one in the spring and another in the fall. 

Don't forget your Iron in the Hat donations and feel free to bring anything knife related to sell or swap at the meeting.  There are also knife making items from the donation that will be included in iron in the hat.  You don't want to miss this meeting!

If you took a book from the box Tommy brought to the meeting last year please consider returning it so someone else may enjoy reading it.  Those books are part of the NCCKG library and were not supposed to be free for you to take and keep.

Other local Guilds:

Our brothers to the south, SC Custom Knifemakers Guild, are having a couple of events coming up.  We are invited to attend all of their events.

North Carolina custom Knifemakers Guild