All knife making classes are scheduled and ran by Montgomery Community College.  For more information about classes or to enroll please contact Montgomery Community College.

North Carolina custom Knifemakers Guild

Advanced forging and blacksmithing with Bill Bisher

9/4—11/20 Tuesdays 5:30-9:30P

Cost $226.60

MCC welcomes Bill Bisher back to teach another semester-long class exploring knife forging, tools for blacksmithing, shop set-up and more. The class will include the finishing of blades, handle materials, grinding etc. This is an advanced forging and blacksmithing class. At least one other knifemaking class is required.


Intro to Bladesmithing with Gabe Mabry

9/5—11/28 Wednesdays 4-8P

Cost $226.60

This is a beginner knife forging class, but advanced students are welcome. The focus of this class will be on how to achieve a high-performance, forged blade. Learn a variety of techniques that will enable you to forge, heat treat, and grind a blade, including all steps in between.


Fixed Blade Knives With Ed Vanhoy

9/13—9/15  8A-6P

Cost: $201.60

A class that introduces first-time knife makers to the processes of completing a finished knife blade. The student will start with an understanding of knife anatomy, types of steel, basic layout design, basic heat treating, and basic knife finish. Students will complete one finished knife blade.


Tanto Knives With Daniel Pica 

9/28—9/30 8 AM-6 PM

Cost: $201.60

A beginner-level course on the history, design, grinding and sharpening this multi-bevel design. Students will work hands-on with the goal of completing one Tanto knife of their own by the end of the three-day course.


Basic Blacksmithing and Forging With Liam Hoffman

10/5—10/6 8 AM-6 PM

Cost: $146.60

Learn the fundamentals of blacksmithing with popular NC blacksmith and knifemaker Liam Hoffman in this beginner-level course. Focus on proper hammer technique and control, ergonomics, essential and luxury tools, and the techniques needed to make any project in your forge.


Stock Removal Basics With the Jones Brothers

10/25—10/27 8 AM-6 PM

Cost: $201.60

Beginner and advanced students are welcome to this basic knife class using the stock removal method. Learn the basics of profiling, grinding, heat treating, handle constructing, and finishing. Class includes materials for one knife.


Leather Sheaths for Knives With Travis Daniels

11/8 6-9 PM

11/9—11/10 8 AM-6 PM

Cost: $201.60

Learn the basics of leatherworking for creating knife sheaths. Bring your own knives and make sheaths for them


Knife Sharpening 101 With the Jones Brothers

11/17 8am-6pm

Cost: $80

Bring your own knives to learn the basics of manual sharpening of knife blades. Will cover both plain and serrated edges, and discuss the tools and options for sharpening at home.


Christmas Knife Class With Ed Vanhoy

11/29—12/2 8am-6pm

Cost: $201.60

Students will start with raw metal and leather and construct a full knife and sheath. Topics will include the functions of knife forms and anatomy of sheaths and fixed blade knives. The finished knife will make a great Christmas gift for someone, or for you.