North Carolina custom Knifemakers Guild



Industrial Abrasives Co.

Supergrit Abrasives

TruGrit Inc.

Grinding Steel



Beaumont Metal Works, Inc.

Burr King Grinders

The Coote Belt Grinder

Hardcore Grinders

Kalamazoo Industries, Inc.

Neilsen Grinders                      

Pheer Grinders

Polar Bear Grinder

Radius Master Machinery 

The Riverside Machine (Uncle Al) Grinder

Stephen Bader Co., Inc. *****

TruGrit TG-92

Wayne Coe 

Wilmont Grinders *****

Wilton Square Wheel

Wuertz Machine Works LLC



NC Tool Co.

Nimba Anvils 

Old World Anvils 

Peddinghaus Anvils


Chile Forge 

Diamondback Ironworks 

EvenHeat Kilns

Forge Master 

Majestic Forges 

Mankel Forges 

NC Tool Co. 

Paragon Kilns

Forging Supplies

Birmingham Rail & Locomotive (Rail Road Spikes)

Blacksmith Supply LLC

Blacksmiths Depot (Kayne & Son)

Centaur Forge

Pieh Tool Company

Valley Farrier & Forge

Vossloh Track Material, Inc. (Rail Road Spikes)

Hammers & Presses

Big Blu Hammer

Ed Caffrey Forging Hammers

Little Giant Power Hammer

McNabb Hydraulic Press *****

Handle Material

Arif Traders (Stag & Buffalo Horn)

Arizona Ironwood LLC  (Wood)

Boone Trading Company  (Ivory)

Burl Source (Wood)

Cordall International (Cord)

Crazy Crow Trading Post (Tomahawk Handles)

Culpepper & Co. Inc. (Exotics)

Dunlap Woodcrafts (Tomahawk Handles)

Elen Hunting & Importing Inc. (Stag)

Gallery Hardwoods (Wood)

Gilmer Wood Company (Wood) (Bone) *****

Infinity (Stingray)

It's a Burl (Wood)

Johnson Wood Products (Wood)

Legacy Arts Swords (Tsuka-Ito)

Masecraft Supply Company (Various)

Oso Famoso (Ivory)

Polymer Plastics Company (Kydex) 

Shamsun Nisha & Sons (Buffalo Horn)

Taj Exporters (Buffalo Horn)

Wood Stabilizing Specialists, Int'l., LLC (Stabilized Wood) 

Woodlab (Stabilized Wood)

Wood (Stabilized Wood)

Heat Treating

Bos Heat Treating

Peters' Heat Treating, Inc.

O&W Heat Treat, Inc. *****

Pacific Heat Treating Co.

Texas Heat Treating, Inc.

Knifemaking Suppliers

Alpha Knife Supply

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Hawkins Knife Making Supplies

Jantz Knifemaking Supply

Knife and Gun Finishing Supplies

Pop's Knives and Supplies *****

Riverside Machine Shop

Sheffield Knifemakers Supply Inc.

Texas Knifemakers Supply

Thompson's Scandinavian Knife Supply

USA Knifemaker Supply


Herman Oak Leather

HideCrafter Leather Company

Oklahoma Leather Products, Inc.

Panhandle Leather

RJF Leather Co.

Rowe’s Leather & Goods

Tandy Leather

Zack White Leather Company *****


Bob Glassman Photography

Chick Ward Photography

Knife Photos by Kayla

Sharp by Coop Photography

Terrill Hoffman Photography




710 Custom Sheaths (Kydex Sheaths)

Armoral Leather

Bayou Custom Sheaths (Kydex Sheaths)

Chuddy Bear Leather

Green River Leather (Sherry Lott)

Patriot Leather Company

RG Leather

Riedel Custom Leather

Tippman (Leatherworking Equipment)

Vess Leatherworks



Harper Manufacturing


Admiral Steel (Steel)

Alabama Damascus Steel & Cutlery (Damascus)

Chad Nichols Damascus (Damascus)

Crucible Industries (Steel)

Damasteel (Damascus)              

Devon Thomas Damascus (Damascus)    

Rex Walter Tool Steel (Tool Steel)

Halpern Titanium (Titanium)

K&G (Steel) (Steel)

Meier Steel (Damascus)

NJ Steel Baron (Steel) (Steel)

Pacific Machinery & Tool Steel Company (Steel)


MSC Industrial Supply